This product will be supplied by AVT Lifts


  • Capacity: 3500 - 5000 LBS
  • Maximum Floor Travel: 300'-0"
  • Car Speed: 150, 200 & 350 FPM
Dimensions shown on chart above are for standad non seismic zone only per ASME A17.1 amd CSA B44. For seismic zone 2+ add 4" to hoistway width. To improve installation efficiencies it is recommended to increase the hoistway widths 2".
Door Types:
TSO - Two-Speed, Side Opening, (Right-Hand or Left-Hand)
Minimum Pit Depths:
150 & 200 fpm: 5'-0"
350 fpm: 5'-6"
Minimum Clear Ovehead:
(with standard cab height)
150 fpm: 15'-4"
200 fpm: 15'-9"
350 fpm: 16'-5"

For clear ovehead requirments in areas enforcing pre ASME A17.1- 2008 Safety Code for Elevators contact AVT Lifts Sales Department for details.

Inside clear cab height 7'-3" from finish floor to suspended drop ceiling on standard MRL Traction elevaors with standard 7'-9" overall high cab. Optional cabs with increased heights are availblle, however the clear overhead heights must be increased. Contact AVT Lifts Sales Department for details.

A safey/hoisting beam, which is to be provided and installed by others in the location designated on the AVT Lifts elevator shop drawings is required by OSHA 1926.502.Clear overhead is to be mesured from the upper floor level finish floor height to the underside of the safety/hoisting beam.

Controller Closets for Building Supported MRL Traction Elevators

Simplex: Minimum Size: 4'-4" Wide x 1'-8" Deep with (1) 3'-0" Wide x 6'-8" High Door
(2) Duplex: Minimum Size: 7'-0" Wide x 5'-6" Deep with (1) 3'-0" Wide x 6'-8" High Door
(2) Duplex elevator can use (2) seperate contoller closets
The optimal location for the controller closet is adjacent to the hoistway at the upper floor level. Controller closet can be located remotely and at at different floor levels for an additional cost. Contact AVT Lifts Sales Department for more details.
Controller closet temperture range to be a 32 F minimum - 100 F maximum. The non-condensing relative humidity levels should range between 10-90%.
Consult AVT Lifts Sales Department for requirements for 3 car group+ controller closet requirements.