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Machine-room-less elevators (YZER)

The machine roomless elevator YZER is a revolutionary new elevator that eliminates the need for a rooftop machine room through the use of miniaturized traction machines and control panels, allowing increased space utilization, resolution of height and sunlight restriction issues, and more freedom in installation layout and skyline design.

Increased space efficiency

A revolutionary new elevator that maximizes space efficiency through the use of smaller operating and control components that can be installed to the side of the door or in the hoistway, eliminating the need for a separate rooftop machine room.

Flexible hoistway layout and skyline design

Provides enhanced flexibility in hoistway layout, and more freedom in building roof line design with the elimination of the conventional penthouse type machine room.

Reduced building cost

Costs are reduced by eliminating the need for machine room construction and installation.

Compact gearless traction machine

By using a gearless traction machine with permanent magnet synchronous motor, the YZER provides a smoother ride, improved energy savings, and environmentally friendly features.

Gearless Traction Machine

With the use of gearless traction machine, smoother ride, improved energy-saving, and environment-friendly features are enhanced.
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Layout Plan

Standard Dimensions

  1. All dimensions are based on Car height: 8'(2438mm) and Entracne height:7'(2134mm)
  2. The Hoistway dimensions width and depth are based on clear dimension +0~20mm horizontal tolerances over the total hoistway height
  3. In the above table, the hoistway divided beam for 2Car reflected 7' 1/2" (191mm)
  4. For seismic zones, add 1"(26mm) to hoistway width

Power Feeder Data